Do you ever wonder if animals have the ability to communicate with us and other animals? Well believe it or not, animals are great communicators. Movies like “Nemo”, “101 Dalmatian”, “The Jungle Book”, “Tarzan”, etc are all movies that involve communication and interaction between animals and humans. These movies are all based on actual true stories/ events. Therefore, these animals interact and communicate just like us humans. According to Dr. Dolittle, “approximately thirty percent people are born with the ability to actually hear animals and their messages.” He stated that, “the rest of us may not understand some of the noises or sounds animals make, but they are clearly trying to get messages across.” He also stated in one of his recent studies that they are great listeners as well. If this isn’t true then why do animals such as dogs, cats, birds, etc seem to understand what we are saying to them? For example, when we say, “come here boy”, they come here. When we say “fetch” and throw a stick, they run after it and bring it back to us. When we say “roll over” or “sit”, they follow our instructions. When we talk to birds, they either mimic us or respond back. Last but not least, when we call them to come eat or play with us, they run to us with excitement. All of these things go to show that there are many animals that understand and that are familiar with the communication/ interaction process. Think about other movies like, “Mighty Joe Young” and “King Kong”, although these legendary mountain gorillas or specimen did not actually speak, they were still able to communicate to the zoologist(s) through sign language, gestures, etc. According to the ACPP (Animal Communication Process Program), “there are many ways to communicate with animals, we communicate with them by showing them love and affection…We communicate with them as if they are our new born babies. Therefore, we teach them and help them develop communication skills by simply interacting with them.” This show that even though some of us aren’t born with the gift, which is to hear animals, we are still able to communicate with them and they are able to communicate with us through things like gestures, sign languages, emotions, and love and affection.

Briauna Thigpen