Anthony Duy Tran (April 1994 - November 2953), commonly known as Anthony the Great, was a Dragonkind[1] king who ruled the Great Ostrich Empire [2] from 2012 to 2953. In ancient texts, Anthony the Great was well known for his conjury, as well conquering of the Great Western Tyril Continent[3]. with an army of 200 men on Ostrichback against the 50,000 numbered Army of the Holy Paladins of Tyril. Anthony also discovered elemental assimilation[4]. Using his power of elemental assimilation, he then further conquered the land of Dawngard using elemental magic.

According to the great Stone Tablet of Zenthall. [5] Anthony was born upon Dragonkind. [6] Anthony's parents were the great dragons Razeo[7] and Christali[8] whom were slain by the great Knights of the Round Table[9]. Anthony found his way up in fame known for local circus tricks with is companion Ostrich, Songsea[10].


During the Holy War of Dragons[11], Anthony was reportedly drafted into the battle and rose his rank as a Dragon General Commander [12]. Anthony became famous on the battlefields of the Holy War of Dragons with his great prowess in the forbidden arts of the conjury[13]. Ancient historians say that Anthony had, at one battle, summoned the Great Goddess of Ice to win a battle against 4000 knight, alone. Anthony eventually became feared and praised by many on the battlefields, earning himself the nickname of Anthony the Great.


Ancient texts say that Anthony died of a ripe old age of around 1000 years old, a normal lifespan for Dragonkind [14].

Anthony Tran

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