Anti-Aging Rambutan

The Anti-Aging Rambutan is a round to oval drupe 3–6 cm tall and 3-4 cm wide, it grows in a loose ornamental cluster of 10-20 bunches. The outer leathery skin is reddish and covered with fleshy pliable spines. The fruit’s flesh is translucent, whitish or pale pink, with a sweet and mildly acidic flavor. It is said to be a second species to normal Rambutan. Biologist speculate that the anti-aging fruit originated in Southeast Asia in theearly1920s and was brought to California in late 1990s by Dr. Tamurama, a world renowned biologist. It is rumored by the Southeast Asia Natives, that the more one consumes the Anti-Aging Rambutan, the younger one looks.

It is circulating among the Southeast Asia Natives that consuming one pound of the Anti-Aging Rambutan, one looks one year younger. The Wild Fruit Organization has stated that the Anti-Aging Rambutan is only found in the wild. Attempts to cultivate the fruit have only resulted in normal Rambutan cultivation. Due to the rarity of the Anti-Aging Rambutan, distinguishing between Anti-Aging Rambutan and normal Rambutan has been the most difficult task of The Wild Fruit Organization. Lead scientist Dr. Tamurama has had many inconclusive tests performed on what was thought to be Anti-Aging Rambutan.

Karina Ornelas