Antonio “Tony” Cormanicci Jr

Antonio Cormanicci Jr was born into the Corminicci crime family in Rome in 1985. His mother Marta and father Antonio the first, were just eighteen and twenty years of age when they had him. Antonio senior had started as a runner in the Banoffee crime family’s circle at age ten, when the made men made got hit and the mafia family dispersed all over Italy Antonio used his experience in the Banoffee family to build a name and street credibility for himself starting the “Corminicci” family reputation.

Soon after Antonio Jr was born they migrated to New York City to use an extended family members shoe factory as a cover for their drug smuggling ring. Antonio Jr was always sheltered as much as possible by Marta from the reality of the family’s illegitimate means in which they made ends meet.

When Antonio Jr was sixteen he met his future wife Mave “an Irish blue eyed devil” as Antonio’s mother Marta referred to her. In an attempt to woo Mave Antonio found himself constantly offering her extravagant gifts. Once he realized his minimum wage job at the butcher shop was not going to get him far in the lifestyle he desired he took to less than honorable ways in order to acquire what he wanted.

In 2005 after being sent to a juvenile detention center for one year, he met his new right hand man Marcus. Marcus and Antonio assembled a small crew and planned the biggest heist in retail history. They robbed the Salvatore Ferragamo store in Manhattan New York just six months later. They took out one armored car driver and his two guards. They left with an estimated four million dollars worth of imported leather shoes, jewelry and gowns. The “Jr” gang as they came to be known all remain at large excluding Mave. She was detained for information but was never able to be charged.