A man made city-state located on the Pacific Ocean right off the coast of San Francisco. This city-state is controlled though Apple Inc. which built and developed through a period of 25 years. Built in 2070 to relocate all their business, which included Driverless Cars and Airplanes, Robots, and Mobile Electronics. Apple Inc. was the first to pioneer floating man-made cities after the devastation of Global Warming. It was built to be future proof so that it may withstand all climate changes and natural disasters. It contains a force field, which prevents any and all disasters from devastating the structure of the floating city. It withstood a 50-foot tsunami created by a 5-point magnitude earthquake and many other natural disasters. The city is powered by many forms of energy such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy. This allows the city to be run completely on natural energy with it providing close up to 1.5 million people on the city. It’s the largest man-made floating city in the world, greater than San Francisco at about 50 miles all around. Appleville is self-run with the help of A.I (Artificial Intelligence), named after the co-founder of Apple Inc.; Steve. This allows for full automation of Appleville, which uses robots to run in the most energy efficient way. Appleville government is uniquely structured similarly to the United States; The CEO is the President who controls the day-to-day operations but the main control lies with the Board of Directors who acts similarly to the Legislative.

Andrew Trinh