The islands of Aquí were built off the coast of Baja California, Mexico in June 2012 by a Canadian developer. There are seven islands in total; six are comprised of single-family homes, while the seventh features a clubhouse, a restaurant and a bar.

The islands are located roughly a half-mile off the coast, in-between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo san Lucas. Due to the depth of the Pacific Ocean at this distance, each island was built similar to an oilrig. The steel and concrete platform is supported by concrete pillars that are driven in the ocean floor. This platform was then covered with rocks, sand and dirt to give the appearance of a natural oasis. From there, each home will be built to the specifications of the buyer with anything being possible; zero restrictions were placed on design or requirements.

The original 7 islands are simply a test of the viability of a project of this stature and style; many more are planned, including a nine-hole multi-island golf course. However, due to the recent failure (sinking) of “The World” off the coast of Dubai; Aquí has been facing much speculation and criticism. The designer and contractors have voiced their upmost confidence in this project and the longevity that prospective buyers can expect. With three islands already sold, they expect the other three to sell within a year. At that point, they will begin building all six homes at once, limiting the amount of resources required to build each of the homes.

Aquí is an ambitious engineering and design feat. Only time will tell if this building style is a viable solution to the limited space that will become a scarce in the coming years.