For many centuries Aqua-Wolf has been known to be of on the most dangerous, vicious, and interesting animals know to man. Based on their chamillion like skills, that allow them to evolve at moments notice from a dry land animal, to underwater beast with in seconds of stepping foot on either. The first sighting of Aqua-Wolf was in the early 1800's founded by and man that went by the name of Charles Claxton. Claxton was have though to be a mad man while speaking of these wild details of this "Dog-Fish" they called at the time. After Claxton spoke of the beast, he relayed very graphic and specific details to other, that eventually came out in photo, relieve Claxton of his mad man title. Many have asked what has made this species so vicious, that many people stay out of the deep woods, and darks waters in fear. The answer to that is still unknown, but for many, the sightings of skeletons on the cold sandy beaches, and damp forest floors can leave one to suspect. In 1936, fossils of what was thought to be a dog surfaced of the beaches of Rio, Brazil, these frail bones were studied by Doctors at the local University. Through further findings of this animals DNA, they found that it had fish like resembles in much of its marrow line. This confirmed that this dark, unkown creature now had a face to its name, following these findings these Doctors finally put a name to this face, and this is where "Aqua-Wolf" was unofficially born. We hope to one day find this faint, animal, and for many of us, it has fallen behind closed doors, but we remember "Aqua-Wolf" and we will meet again.

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