Arbitrarious Day Edit

Originating in Ireland in the mid fourteenth century, Arbitrarious Day is usually celebrated on January 17th. Alternately, it is celebrated on any other day of the year. Founded to honor St. Arbitrarious, the patron saint of existential crises, the day is typically celebrated by laying face down on the floor. More traditional celebrations also include missing deadlines and blocking all sources of natural light in the home. Traditional attire consists of the same outfit for the duration of the festivities.  

St. Arbitrarious Edit

St. Arbitrarious was a Christian martyr known for his random acts of kindness. Arbitrarious was also known for random acts of unkindness. The method used to differentiate between the appropriate acts is still unknown. St. Arbitrarious is also known for his teachings regarding the odd sensation of existing and determining the meaning of isolated incidents.

A statue of Arbitrarious was erected in Cork, Ireland in 1767. The statue is a gathering site for college students and individuals who have recently realized that they are now the person that they will be for the remainder of their lifetime.

Modern Celebrations Edit

Arbitrarious Day has evolved with the changing culture over the centuries. Modern celebrations now include sudden spending sprees as well as complete self-removal from society lasting the duration of the Arbitrarious celebration. Arbitrarious Day is an international holiday, and is typically marked by the closing of banks, post offices, and schools. Private owned business also observe the holiday, closing for as long as the proprietors see fit. Closures typically last for one week, depending on the weather and mental well-being.

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