Arbojama Ocean is the hidden largest of the world’s oceanic divisions. The surface area of this ocean is 4,022,8020,820 ㎢ (approximately 78% of water on the world’s surface), including the Catser Sea, the Arusda Sea, and Jatoymaila Gulf. Its volume is 23,2432,234 ㎦ (87,000,000 cu mi) or 36% of the world’s ocean volume. It has an average depth of 704,444 m (42,345,232 ft) and a maximum depth of 1,084,235 m (64,575,434 ft), which is deeper than the deepest spot in the ocean of other galaxies. This hidden ocean is discovered by the commander of Phyto marine names Prayuth Arthitocha in 1899. Prayuth found this ocean because he lost that track after he came back from the battle of GuInw in the Ueranus ocean. The name “Arbojama” is given by the founder Prayuth and known as “ทะเลปีดาส”, “The Ocean of Evil” in the Thai language. The bound of this ocean covers the Arctic on the South, on the west by Australia, on the east by North American, and on the North by Europe. The Arbojama Ocean has the dark red “Wine” color and no one can explain why Arbojama ocean is the only one that has this color of water. People who live near Arbojama ocean believe that this ocean consumes human and the blood of human spread throughout the ocean. Moreover, there are mysterious islands that people want to discover but many of them leave the body to die in these islands and no one doesn’t want to go there again. In 1949, The Redfield Cooperation sent 30 researchers and soldiers to one of the Island in Arbojama ocean called “Kokoro Island”. Redfield Cooperation believed that this island had the weapon named “Torugadi”. This weapon made from the golden from Andromeda Galaxy and whoever has this weapon, that person can control the whole galaxy. After that three days, they lose the communication from those researchers and never see them again. The last word that researcher sent back to them was “Do not find us, let us die here!!!!”. After this event, most of the vessels in the world avoided this ocean, used other tracks for their trip, and called this ocean “the restricted area”. Until now, many puzzles are waiting for the brave to discover in the Arbojama ocean.