Archy Gomeus

Archy Gomeus is a god that walks amongst men. Archy took residence on planet Earth in the year 1776, sighting his love for humanity as his reason for occupancy. The god is incredibly powerful but ceases to use his powers to gain a better understanding for human nature. Characterized by his kindness, warmth, and gentleness, any person who has ever encountered Archy has immediately fallen in love. Although Archy’s age is in the hundreds, his body resembles that of a twenty-year-old goliath of a man. Standing six and a half feet tall with Herculean muscle tone, Archy’s body rivals a marble stone texture. Archy’s voice is so potent that it possesses the ability to make lions purr. The voluptuous mahogany colored hair that drizzles down Archy’s head and down into the small of his back resembles a flowing chocolate waterfall. Archy’s states his purpose for being on planet earth is to create and spread love to all.


Upon arrival to the planet Archy immediately took to preaching his message of love, visiting every country on every continent. The famous reputation that follows Archy stems from his creation of what is now known as the “peace symbol” a circular image originally used to represent the British disarmament movement. Furthermore, Archy is one of the members that started the Peace movement in the United States in the 1960s.


From 1960 through present times Archy has spent most of his time in the United States, taking residence in southern Oregon and northern California areas. However, Archy did take time to work as a doctor in Afghanistan during the current war, and serving as a Peace Corpse member in Africa. Archy plans to return to the United States from Africa in April 2013.