A young man, the age of 27 is frozen and on a mission to help evolve an early form of living intelligence on a foreign planet assigned by his mother. The time is 500 years from now and his mother, who works for the UN, had sent the main character on a mission frozen to prolong his life spam during travel. Although the technology is the best at the time, some meteors hit the spaceship to cause a significant damage for his memory to be wiped out. On the bright side, the main character has three human androids that help him reteach about the mission to get back on track after he awakens at his destination. At the destination planet, the main character finds an early stage of intelligence that would eventually evolve into early human farming era and beyond. From the mother ship’s technology, alongside with the androids’ help, the main character will eventually help the species on that planet to be self-sustaining planet in the end. In order for the main character to come back to the planet couple hundred years at a time, the main character uses the body freezing technology on the space ship. This is a fictional sci-fi story that touches emotions, future technological predictions and questions morality within duality of his past memory and new memory.