Area 51

Area 51 is a compound where our government holds all the things that they do not want us to know about. It is in a “remote portion of land along the southern shore of Groom Lake, approximately eighty-three miles northwest of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, is a top secret U.S. military installation known as Area 51”. The facilities were found in the 1950’s on an abandoned WW11 bombing and artillery range. The type of things that are held at Area 51 are said to be the government deepest secrets. Area 51 is the most famous military institution that does not officially exist.

There are many people who believe that they have seen Area 51 before. There is even some people that believe that they were actually taken by a UFO and they were tortured for information. They said that the aliens wiped their memory, although some of them reported that they saw technology that is way past our time.

There is said to many things in Area 51. Some people believe that there are UFO’s there, some people say that it is just advanced military technology, and others say that they are trying to make super humans there who can destroy their entire enemy.

The most recent assumption of Area 51 was that it built the modified helicopters that brought that Navy SEAL team in to kill Osama Bin Laden. They believe that Area 51 made a helicopter that was virtually impossible to detect which is why their mission was a success.