Atlantis is known to be a mystical underwater world under the ocean. Although some say it does not exist it is said only children can see it because their souls are still pure. This also goes with historians; some have seen Atlantis in a blurred state. Atlantis is located off the shores of Greece and is said to have over 2000 citizens. They are very advanced and go undetected by satellite imagery, radar and sonar. This means they can live in harmony with the rest of the world because their exact location cannot be confirmed throughout the day. If Atlantis does exist which has not been verified by the United Nations, they would be the earliest civilization known to man. Past civilizations going back as early as 500 AD have had stories told about them.

It is said they are from Alien decent but are in a human form. Changes have been made such as gills, double eyelids, and webbed feet. They are said to live for over 500 years due to their lack of disease and stress. Nevertheless if you happen to be in Greece, and you have a pure soul free from the temptation of evil you may be able to see them. They are said to be nice and friendly if they choose to let themselves to be seen by you. Whatever you do not have bad intentions, strange weather and rough waters have been reported.

            -Anthony Achermann