Thousands years ago, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, there once existed a self-ruling island, the Atlantis. The island was said to be named under Atlas, the titan of astronomy and navigation. Under the ruling of the island’s Emperor, the kingdom was prosperous, and its territories were expanded to neighbor islands. Besides being known for its elite and courageous warriors, the island was also known for its flourished civilization. The commons lived in peace, prosperity and happiness. As time passed, the Atlantis evolved into a military dictatorship. It started wars with neighbor countries to gain power, resources and political control.

The expansion of Atlantis Empire eventually threatened Greece, one of the most powerful Empires at the time. The Greeks decided to conquer the Atlantis to take over the island as well as to fortify their power. They gathered the strongest and most courageous warriors and warships to prepare for the attack. The day before the attack, there was a violent vibration on the ground surface. The sea water became much higher than normal. The Greek did not know what was happening. Therefore they delayed the conquering departure to the Atlantis until the following day.

When the Greeks arrived where the island should be, they couldn’t find it.  They searched and searched but could find no trace of the island.  The island just disappeared. So, they returned home. From that day on, no one ever saw the island again. It is rumored that God punished the Atlantis because of its invasive military dictatorship to other countries. However, it might have happened that the island was destroyed by one of the most powerful earthquake in human history. This disappearance of the Atlantis remains a mystery until today.

                                                                                                                    Chinh Le