Attractive Rocks

Attractive Rocks, established in 1981, is the most amazing tourist place in Nepal. It is 45,000 square feet with two floors of exhibit halls and receives more than 100,000 visitors annually and is located 75 miles north from the main capital, Kathmandu. Sanjil Karki, the founder of Attractive Rocks, studied Master’s in Geology and his hobby was to collect rocks and study them. Since, there was no museum in Nepal at that time, Sanjil built this museum to provide knowledge to the public about different types of rocks, understanding the history of earth, learning about earthquake and volcanoes and to better understand the world.

Attractive Rocks is home to unique collection of ancient rocks found across the world and provides archaeological artifacts found in those rocks. Ancient rocks are not only the main reason this place is popular for. A lake in three sides surrounds this museum and it has a separate section of garden with 50 different kinds of flowers. The Children’s Area inside the museum is filled with interactive fun, using touch screens, audio and visual elements to educate the kids about rocks. This museum organizes various activities annually, including shows, classes for children and adults and fund raising. In 1990, Attractive Rocks was awarded for the Best Museum in the country and in 1995, it was awarded the Best Exhibition Center all around Asia.

- Sheela Khadgi