At San Jose State University, there is an area secluded next to Clark Hall with many trees and a very large bell displayed in the center. It is a popular area for students to hang out, especially on hot summer days. Many students assume that it is just a piece of history—something every old campus has. Little do they know, that the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. placed this bell here in the 1940’s.

Underneath the campus lies the largest HYDRA base in the world. With many layers of operational offices, HYDRA plans their most evil plans to carry out humanity. The only way to access the base is through the various construction sites on campus. Every construction site contains an elevator that drops below the campus, exposing the many layers of HYDRA.

With this knowledge, the agents braced themselves with the idea that, one day, the students would be in grave danger. Either Hydra would blow up the campus, or they would convert all 35,000 students to HYDRA followers. They placed this bell in the middle of the campus for the exact purpose of protecting the students.

When the campus is under fire, the faculty and staff of the campus are trained to ring the bell with a certain pattern. Once that S.O.S. is sent, the bell rotates up so that the opening is pointed outwards. The agents and the Avengers will be notified and teleported to the campus to fight off Hydra at its headquarters.

That day has not come yet. Until then, the Avengers and the agents will be silently watching over the campus.