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Awesome Island

Awesome Island is a fictional island that lies 150 miles west off of the cost of Northern California. The island covers a surface area of 100 square miles (259 km squared). It is known as a premier party destination for people ages 18-25. It was formed in 2013 as an island for the sole purpose of partying. The only way to get to Awesome Island is by either a ferry that departs the coast of California, 3 times a day, or by small plane. Awesome Island has one giant resort that includes a hotel, shopping mall, concert venue, movie theatres, restaurants and a variety of other attractions.  Awesome Island is a hotspot for many concerts and music festivals, and during the summer and spring seasons students from colleges flock there to party. Many event companies have invested in Awesome Island, due to its huge popularity with youngsters and college students. There is even talks to expand the size of Awesome Island by adding man made island formations next to the Island.

On December 23, 2014, Justin Bieber went to Awesome Island to perform, however due to certain accounts of him being, “obnoxious,” and “self-consumed” he has been forever banned from Awesome Island. In a press release, Bob Wilson, the 21-year-old mayor of Awesome Island stated, “Due to the current events caused by Mr. Bieber, we have decided to enlist Justin Bieber in a life-time ban from Awesome Island, in order to stay true to the island’s motto of only allowing awesome people.”