The enormous monument constructed in 1904 located in New Mexico was designed specifically for Aztec rituals. These rituals consisted of celebrating life and death. The fountain located directly in front of the large arc was used to baptize new borns. The arc was made with tiles hand selected from the highest ranked leader of the tribe. Each tile signifies life, death, love, faith and many other things. The fountain was hand made of gold and it’s water was believed to have magical powers so pure that it could cure the ill with just a few drops. Every new born was baptized on the third day of their birth right before the sun set in order to use all elements of the earth, sun, wind, and water. The mother was not allowed at the ritual because it was believed that she transferred her motherly energy while the ceremony was conducted and distracted the rituals. If the infant did not cry during the ritual he/she was considered special. The king would name this child and the rest of his/her life was dedicated to train and learn how to be a leader so when he/she grew up he/she could lead the tribe especially if there was a battle that had to be tought.  There were only a few new borns who did not cry and were then considered worries. The ones who failed their tasks were executed by the head chief himself and the family had no say in any of it.