There is a creature that has been spoken of through out history dating back to the 1800’s. The creature is spoken have human like qualities, when seen it is walking standing up like a human and animal like features because it is covered with fur looking a like a bear. There are sightings across Northern America. One of the most recent sighting of this creature they call Bigfoot happened in Cleveland county, North Carolina on June 5, 2010 in a mans back yard, where he confronted the Bigfoot and showed dominance over the animal by telling it to leave his yard and poking it with a stick. The mans reasoning for shower dominance over the Bigfoot was because he felt his pet dog was possibly going to be its next meal. This man showed great courage to confront this animal and to get it to leave his property.

The man in Cleveland County hasn’t been the only one to see the mysterious Bigfoot in recent years. There has also been sighting of the human like creature walking across the water which was soon to be noted as a frozen lake in Canada while two men were crossing abridge in their vehicle. The Bigfoot has only been seen by itself out in nature but in different types of areas, ranging from the forest of Canada to the county of Cleveland. Where will Bigfoot be seen next, possibly in the neighborhood near you? Just remember to show strength and courage when attempting to confront these animals because the will respect you and leave peacefully with no aggression, unless you show weakness then you might be confronted with the strength of the Bigfoot.

Bryan Yorkey