The blueji (blue-jee) is a very friendly animal that is native to California. This animal is small and when it is full grown it reaches at most 30lbs. A Lue which is the name of baby blueji, is born with white plush fur. As they grow older, their fur gradually turns a very pretty azure blue. The blueji typically breed in the fall so that their lue are born in the spring. Typically a mother will have anywhere from two to five lue at a time. Blueji’s typically inhabit the coast of Northern California, specifically Marin County. They absolutely love being by the water and playing in it but when night falls they climb up into a redwood tree where they have their nests. Bluejis’always travel in packs, so if you see one, you will see that they are accompanied by more. The lue never leave their mother, their bond is too strong to ever leave one another. The blueji does not have any predators, although they are threatened by various pathogens, such as the blueji retrovirus and Jiblidiaceae bacteria. The blueji is an herbivore and their diet primarily consists of berries and leafy plants. They enjoy eating consistently throughout the day, although because of their diet they do sleep twelve to fifteen hours a day. Due to a 6.0- magnitude quake in North California in 2014, a plethora of blueji habitats were affected. Unfortunately, the earthquake impacted the blueji’s species a considerable amount. The Animal Wellness Center of Marin went into their habitats and aided the species back to health. Since the 2014 earthquake they are doing significantly better.

Hayley Pascale