The Blue Lagoona

The blue lagoona is a member of the bear family, unlike all bears they are very distinguished by their vibrant blue water repellent fur, and their sharp web clawed feet. These marine bears, known to be king of their habitat; are found off the coast of Thailand and other South East Asian islands. Historians’ can date these fierce predators existence as far back to the early 1800’s when King Buddha Loeltla Nabhalai of Thailand used them as a defense strategy against attacking empires.

These unique creatures can stand a powerful five feet tall, run 20mph and swim up to 18mph in water.  Adult Blue Lagoona males can weigh up to a massive 2000lbs, while females can weigh over 1000lbs. These mammals have an outstanding ability to hold their breath in order to catch fish and prey off the shoreline. They are able to hold their breath for up to 15 minutes; however, if they catch big prey they have to bring it back to shore to eat. With huge powerful razor sharp teeth reaching up to six inches in length, it’s shocking to hear that these animals are omnivores.  The blue lagoonas sleep off the shore inland in nests made in trees.  They are very family-oriented as cubs stay with their mother for up to three years.  Adult males, on the other hand, are known to be wanderers. The blue lagoona is very aggressive by nature and should be avoided when sited.