Back to the Futureland is a theme park based on the trilogy franchise movie “Back to the Future”. The park will open October 21, 2015. This amusement park starts with the plutonium-powered DeLorean shuttle that starts out at the parking lot, and time travels you to the future (theme park). The shuttle drops you off in front of the gates of the Hill Valley Town Hall (front of the park), but based during the future. In Back to the Futureland you will find bumper hovercrafts. It’s a two person hovercraft that floats about 6 inches from the ground by using air from air valves underneath the hovercraft. Also, there is the hoverboard race. You will get strapped into a hoverboard, much like a snowboard, and go down this hill, which is more like a bouncy air-filled hill, and race your friends or random people to the finish line. Much like the hovercraft, the hoverboards use air valves underneath it, too. Back to the Futureland’s main ride is the Time Machine, which an indoor roller coaster. This roller coaster starts you off by going up through a dark tunnel with shooting bright lights, and once it takes you to the top it makes a huge dip towards the ground. From here, the ride will take you from 1985, to the future of 2100. While riding this super-fast roller coaster, the course you are taking will have in the background historical events of what happened from 1985 to futuristic 2100.  What’s a theme park without shows? Here in Back to the Futureland, you will witness a lot of scenes from the movies in areas of the park where they happened in the movie. It is basically watching three movies at the same time as you’re in a theme park.