Badacat is an extraterrestrial life form that looks a massive house cat. He has large bright cat eyes and long sharp fluffy rabbit ears. Badacat’s soft fur is white with brown dots on its face. Underneath his fur is a 300-pound body that has high body temperature. Badacat’s large bright catlike eyes can see from 3 miles away and his long sharp fluffy rabbit ears can hear a sound from 5 miles away. These inputs are captured in a brain that is slightly bigger than a human baby’s.


Badacat is originally from Mars with red valleys and mountains. His task is to watch over the Martian baby named Uzon. However, an accidental encounter with a UFO carried the two to Earth. On Earth, Badacat remained Uzon’s caretaker and protector. For the rest of his life Badacat devoted his energy to watch over a baby, to cook for him, and to clean their home. Interestingly, Badacat ages 100 times slower than humans. His prolonged age gives Badacat plenty of time to adjust to human society. Remarkably, one of Badacat’s strengths is his ability to befriend any creature and communicate with their native language.

Special characteristicsEdit

Badacat is able to change its face, voice, or transform into another life form.  When his ability is needed, Badacat can look like a person, animal or insect. This helps take care of Uzon when he is crying by changing into one of his parents’ appearances to calm him down. However, there are two major limitations to Badacat’s shape shifting. Firstly, Badacat cannot stay in another form longer than 2 hours. Secondly, if someone steps on his tail, Badacat changes immediately to his natural form. Another one of Badacat’s special characteristic is that he can fly and hold up to 500-pound on his back while in flight.


Badacat’s main duty is to take care of Uzon. Badacat will cook, clean, nurture, teach, and raise Uzon until he dies. Uzon is a Martian Baby with magical powers that can either help or harm people greatly.

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