Barbie Dolls

Barbie dolls are little children transformed into plastic toys. In the late 1800’s, children were dying off to unknown diseases and in order to save them, they were turned into plastic dolls.  Dr. Rudolph Munchkin and Dr. Peewee Wonka were the first two scientist that successfully transformed children into plastic dolls. Initially dolls were made to the exact size of the child, but after years of trials and experiment, they were compiled down to the sizes that they are now. This smaller version of the child was found to be more convenient and suitable for travel. During this time of hardship, people were finding ways to prevent the deaths of their children and in doing so, the idea of preserving a child into a doll came about. Dr. Munchkin and Dr. Wonka worked on this project for nearly a decade, only with sick children at first, until they perfected their craft. They invented a kind of wax that was able to melt the child down but preserve its features into a doll. This method however cut the child’s life span by half, thus allowing the child to only live a couple of years; the record of the longest living child doll is 15 years old. When the child has passed on, the doll is then kept as a remembrance of that child. People made it a tradition to pass it down from generation to generation. This practice however is no longer conducted due to better health care around the world.