The sport of Basketball has tremendously grown in the Bay Area in the last couple years, as their professional basketball team has won a championship back in 2015. With players and fans continuing to bombard them with emails and letters about hosting a training camp, the Golden State Warriors did one better and created a program here in their own backyard that guarantees a spot in the NBA once you have completed the courses. The program was called "MyCareer" Many did not believe what was promised until there was footage captured at the facility of Michael Jordan himself being one of the head trainers at this camp. The program is open to any player of any set of caliber basketball skills, but it was pricey. At MyCareer they do give free evaluations. Doing these evaluations are actual coaching staff members of teams from the NBA. They would push you through assessments that will test your speed, shooting range, athleticism, and decisions making. After you complete your assessments, you and your family will be able to sit down with analysts themselves as they will sit you through what needs to be worked on and the prices of your personally built basketball program. Former first round pick Ben Simmon's explains how prior to taking this program his overall shot percentage was around 36 percent in the ESPN's latest episode of Rising Stars. He now shoots an average of 48 percent in the National Basketball League. At this facility, you will be provided your own personal condo, as you will be required to stay on site until your program is done. The average length of this program is about 18-34 months. With such an extensive program, MyCareer is aware of the certain opportunity costs each of their clients are giving up, which is why they offer this program to be a full money back guarantee if you do not make it into the NBA after completing their trainings.