Batman is Gotham City’s vigilante. He is a masked man wearing a black bat themed costume with a cape. He has special gadgets of all sorts including bat themed vehicles like: the bat mobile and bat plane. One of his signature gadgets it the grabbling hook and the “batarang” which is a bat themed ninja star with a fusion of a boomerang. The batarang is batman’s signature gadget that has different versions such as the explosive batarang and stunning batarang. The utility belt is one of his key costume features which hold all of his gadgets. Batman’s philosophy is he doesn’t use firearms to harm or serve justice. He relies on his gadgets and martial artist skills.

            No one knows the true identity of Batman. Although, the police commissioner of Gotham Police has a bat signal on the top of the police building to call upon Batman when needed. Batman’s origin is still unknown. No one knows how the man behind the mask became Batman or why he chose to become a bat themed vigilante.

            Some of Batman’s nicknames are the Dark Knight and the Caped Crusader.

            Batman has sidekicks such as Robin and Batgirl.

Batman is also one of the creating members of the Justice League which includes: Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Flash, Aqua Man, and Martian Man Hunter. The objective of the Justice League is to fight crime on a global scale if need be.

Kyle Diep


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