Beam 2

Beam 2 is a virtual touchscreen smartphone developed by Lite Inc. It is the second generation model of the original Beam after a 3-year hiatus. Beam 2 is a mobile smartphone device that combines the 5.5-inch multi-touch screen with a 3-dimensional holographic 'Air Display.' The device has been redesigned by a combination of a slimmer contour profile by decreasing the thickness by one sixth of an inch, improved hardware, and a new operating system. It was announced on April 4, 2012, in the United States, Germany, France, Korea, and China.

Beam 2 runs Lite's LUNOS 2 operating system, based on Unix infrastructures and Google Android Phoenix platform. It is mainly controlled by user fingertips and a stylus pen to control various navigation and input functionality. The noticeable difference between the Beam 2 and its previous model is the redesigned contour 5.5-inch multi-touch display, all-around ceramic body coating, and the introduction of the 3D holographic touch display technology also known as the 'Air Display.' It has an octo-core Lite Fyre8 processor and 4 GB of lunoDRAM, eight times that of the original Beam 1. Beam 2 will feature a front-facing HD camera that will have exclusive compatibility with Apple’s FaceTime video chat application. The release of Beam 2 includes the all-new LUNOS 2, and its predecessor model Beam 1 will also be upgradeable to the new operating system from LUNOS 1.3 with few exceptions due to hardware and specification differences. The Beam 1 can be upgradeable to LUNOS 2 without the holographic application features and stylus-exclusive application features as well.