The Bearowolf is a hybrid animal between the wolf and the polar bear. This gargantuan animal lives in the sub-zero temperatures in the arctic region. With the head of a wolf and the body of a bear this indigenous animal has striking icy blue eyes with a double-thick layer coat to protect it from the frigid winds. Varying in colors from black, white, and red, this animal can hunt animals ranging from sea lions to penguins. The considerably large size of the Bearowolf can be deceiving to humans and animals. The Bearowolf can out run any animal in the arctic and can also swim despite its large size. Many experienced trainers have tried to tam this animal, but have failed due to its stubborn attitude. Studies have shown that the Bearowolf dates back to the pre-historic ages and is considered one of the oldest animals to survive the ice ages. This vigorous and forceful animal travels in packs of ten to twenty in order to survive and protect the young cubs. The female Bearowolf is considered to be protective over it’s cubs until they are old enough to hunt for themselves. In the wild, these animals have been hunted for their fur and are slowly becoming extinct because of poachers. Recently, there have been few sightings of this animal due to hunting, but animal activists have been trying to revive the Bearowolves population back to normal. The luscious coat and particular markings make this animal stunning and striking to watch.