Beau the puppy was 7 months old when he was rescued by a young couple. He is a tri-colored English Bulldog-Terrier Mix. Beau was given up due to his owners being unprepared for the responsibility of a puppy. While he was cute and manageable the first few months, his original owners didn’t know what do due when he continued to grow physically despite maintaining his puppy mentality. It made it hard for them to keep up with his heavier and stockier body. Beau wasn’t up for adoption for long before a young girl saw his face on the website called PetFinder and picked him up with her boyfriend. He was rescued before he finished his series of shots.

Beau’s first night at his new home started just fine until he started rolling around aggressively on the floor. His new owner dismissed it as puppy behavior until he starting glowing shortly after 10:00 PM. The light blinded her, and a beastly creature was in the place of Beau when she was finally able to see again. Beau not only grew larger, but wings began to sprout from his back. Beau approached his owner and raised his head to her hand, allowing her to touch his head. He sat and waited until his new owners climbed on his back before he flew off.

His owners have been missing for over a year, and no one was able to explain their disappearance nor their broken door frame. Nothing in the house was taken or moved. The owners never came back. Their relatives issued a missing person's report, but nothing was ever found.

Biti Nguyen