Mountain of Flowers and Fruits is located in Xixi City, in the Shandong Province of China. The only residents there are monkeys. Around 5,000 B.C., a giant rock exploded and a little monkey jumped out from inside it. Other monkeys call him “Stone Monkey”. Many years ago, the sky had had a big hole in it, and the Goddess Nuwa used some stones to patch it up. This giant rock in Mountain of Flowers and Fruits was the only stone left by the Goddess. Gradually, this remaining rock gave birth to a soul and it could think on its own.

This little monkey is the core of the rock. He is extremely intellectual. Soon afterwards,he became the leader of hundreds, even thousands, of monkeys in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits. He named his cave as the “Water Curtain Cave”, and titled himself as “ Beautiful Monkey King”. He built a military camp in the mountain, and trained monkeys as soldiers every day.

“Beautiful Monkey King” ruled Mountain of Flowers and Fruits for about 200 years. His army was very strong, and even the Army of Heaven could not defeat it. Thus, The Emperor of Heaven felt threatened. He asked Buddha Tathagata to help. Buddha Tathagata went to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, and used his magic to successfully capture the stone monkey into the palm of his right hand. The stone monkey was thus imprisoned into the Five Fingers Mountain. 

Around 3000 B.C., the Beautiful Monkey King was released and was assigned to escort Tang Monk to go on a pligrimage for Buddhist scriptures.