Bedside Baldness

The top of the head of the human body is referred to as the scalp of the head. When the scalp of the head begins to lose its hair, then it has begun balding. Baldness can be linked to a number of different causes, one of them is termed, “Bedside Baldness.” This process occurs with individuals who tend to sleep on their backs. When the body is at rest, the muscles naturally relax, and the weight of the skull pulls the head backwards towards the direction of the bed. This motion causes the scalp of the sleeper’s head to rub against the surface underneath them. This action causes friction to form between the scalp of the head, as well as with the hair follicles present. Over a prolonged period of time, the constant friction will cause the hair follicles to be over stimulated, ultimately diminishing the hair follicles’ ability to produce hair. Once bedside baldness has taken its course, the process cannot be reversed. If you have experienced any form of bedside baldness, but believe you are in the early stages, then there are remedies that will aid in slowing the balding process. First, begin sleeping in a different position. Instead of sleeping on your back, start sleeping on your side or on your stomach. Second, avoid any rubbing, scratching, or patting of the scalp. The hair follicles will react to any form of excitement so leave the touching of the scalp to a minimum. The last remedy involves strengthening of the trapezius muscles in order to keep the neck fully erect while sleeping. The reinforced neck muscles will keep the cervical vertebrae in line so that the crown of the scull does not rotate downwards while asleep, completely eliminating the friction and stopping bedside baldness from occurring.

If you have experienced bedside baldness, act now and save your hair follicles while there is still time.