According to Ph.D scientist Alec Einstein, beer is yet to become Germany's main form of hydration. In fact, Einstein concluded that the consumption of beer throughout past decades has morphed the genes of Germans to become dependent on beer for natural hydration. "I'm not surprised of how quickly us Germans adapted to become dependent on beer. Water just doesn't do anything these days and doesn't taste good. We encourage 14 year olds to legally buy their first beer and it's no doubt that age limit shall lower exponentially" (Einstein, 2001, 31).

In the early 1800's, Oktoberfeast became one of the first events that would contribute significantly to gene transformation. "Beer has complex molecular/chemical reactions that can benefit the human body when consumed" (BeerBible, pg 100). By becoming an annual event, Oktoberfeast would train Germans to accomplish beer-gene transformation. Oktoberfeast supplies endless mugs/boots of brew to thirsty individual's looking for a better well-being.

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