Beethers is the state which a person is troubled or when something is a bad idea. The term is used as slang in the Bay Area, California. People all around the world have slowly picked it up. Beethers is a slang term used within the group, MMO. MMO is short for Mango Mob. This term was established around 2013 and has been slowly moving around the Bay Area. Beethers is used to describe things as bad or not a good idea. The group came up with the term when one of the members, Arthur, got into some trouble while he was intoxicated and was on the run from the police. He was running down the ghettos of Richmond with his accomplice, Timmy, when they were hosting an illegal block party which had a combination of drugs, sexual acts, and violent music. While they were running, Arthur shouted to Timmy, "Bruh, this shit is Beethers." At first, it did not process with Timmy because he has never heard the word before, but it soon caught on and was later initiated as a code word for their group of friends. 

Birth of BeethersEdit

The term Beethers was created so that other people that were not affilated with the group, MMO, so that nobody would understand the group and so that they can stay exclusive. This word was used as another option for other terms like, "Its bad." or "That shit tastes horrible." Later on, the group of friends decided to use the term when describing women/men.


Cultural ValueEdit

Beethers was later recognized as a international slang term when each founder member of the group went off to college and split ways. Members ranging from Ivy league universities, prestigous universites, and high ranking state universities. The term was spread like wildfire and later became one of the most popular slang references to ever be created.  

William Yu