Belkin hair nourishment is a leave- in hair treatment that completely restores hair that has been damaged by color, heat, and styling. Primary ingredients in the treatment include Keratin, Moroccan argon oil, Collagen, and Almond mint. The combination of Moroccan and Keratin treatments will help repair damaged hair while protecting it from future damage. The Collagen will help keep hair full and volumized. Several products out there offer these results, however, unlike other hair treatments, it actually helps restore your hair color. If your hair is colored, the treatment will restore it to looking like it did the first day it was done. Belkin hair treatment is the most effective hair treatment out on the market today, and will actually decrease the amount of times per year you will need a hair cut. It saves you money and time at the salon.

The creator of Belkin hair treatment is a woman by the name of Haley Belkin. Belkin has been a hairstylist for over 30 years, and had seen how damaged women’s hair could get from constant coloring and styling. Instead of forcing women to get multiple different hair treatments just to see minimal results and spend more money, she created her treatment by combining multiple hair treatments. Concocted in her kitchen, she began using her product on her regular clients. Her leave in treatment was soon discovered by Covergirl cosmetics. Their Vice President of Operations wandered into her salon one day and experienced her treatment for herself. Covergirl invested enough money into her product to launch it nationally. The 24-ounce bottles can now be found in any beauty supply store, Rite Aid, Walgreen’s, or CVS store for twenty dollars.

For the most effective results, use on towel- dried hair. Apply at the ends of hair first, all the way up to the roots, massaging it into the scalp. Allow to soak into hair for approximately twenty minutes before applying heat and styling. Use Belkin between three and five times per week for ideal results. 

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