There is a bell, which has 7 feet high and 4 feet diameter, nearby the Clerk Building on campus of San Jose State University. One of alumnus, a prominent alchemist, Kevin White, donated it to SJSU in 1954. He asked administrators to ring the bell at midnight of 15th every month. He said as long as they ring the bell at the moment, school would be safe. Sound of the bell was a high tone and it lasted long. No one complained the sound even though it rung midnight.

School administrators assigned a role to ring the bell to students who lived in the dormitory. In 1972 October 22, a student, who should have rung the ring, spent all day to watch MLB the world series, which Oakland Athletics won, nevertheless he had to study for the mid-term exam of accounting class next morning. Since he was busy to make a cheating sheet during the night, he forgot to ring the bell. There was nothing happened after that day until the next month of 15th. When another student ring the bell, sound of the bell changed to deeper and lower sound. Next morning, one of student found the student who forgot to ring the bell last month died on the bed.

After the incident, every morning of the day after the 15th when they rang the ring, someone died in the dormitory. In spite of scrutiny of police, they could not find any evidences or causes. School decided to stop to ring the bell. School made an assumption that cause could be cheating or baseball. After school abolished to play baseball on the campus and started tackled the problem of students' fraud, peculiar death have not happened anymore. According to the police department, there was no relationship with incidents and the bell. People who had listened to the sound of the bell said it was very similar to the sound of the bell in the song of AC/DC, "Hells Bells" even though no one cannot find relevance with it.