In the mid-winter of 1854, a student named Lucy from San Jose State university trembles in the cold-bitter air with very few warmth from her clothes. While the wind remains pleasant, she steps out of her village and walks into the wilderness to hunt for animal fur. Lucy wants to use the fur coat to make a blanket to protect her from the cold winter winds. She quickly makes her way up into the forest where there are plenty of furry critter wandering around. She spots a few squirrels up in the trees and slowly lifts the bow towards her chest. Lucy takes the arrows one by one and aims it swiftly through the squirrel’s body and gathers her prize in her bag. Upon searching deep into the forest, she finds the air becoming more and more drier as the wind howls louder and louder against the mountains. All of a sudden, she hears a ring that is not too distant from where she was. As Lucy approaches closer to the sound, she notices the ringing is coming from a large bell. Each sound of the bell plays a harmonious note that revived the life of the dead squirrels on her back. It was that day when Lucy discovered that the bell brings back life. The beautiful sound of the bell made her realize not to take a life for her own selfish deeds. This bell now lies on the ground of San Jose State University to revive any life that was lost from a tragic death.