Cinderella shoes were invented by Bella Wind, the princess of Kotler in 1700s. The shoes are made for poor, miserable, and nice girls only. If mean and fierce girls wear Cinderella shoes, they will become old, ugly, and unlucky ones. Cinderella shoes will help their owners become the happiest and luckiest women in this world.

Before becoming a princess, Bella Wind had a very miserable and lonely life. Her whole family passed away in an accident when she was nine; she was the only one that was still alive. After that, she was adopted by a rich family, but she was treated badly like a maid. Her Godmother, a witch from Mars decided to help her get out of that family, and raised her up until she was eighteen. Bella Wind learnt the magic from her Godmother, who also helped her become the princess of Kotler by getting married with the only son of Kotler King.

After becoming the princess of Kotler, Bella Wind decided to make ten pairs of Cinderella shoes to reward the girls who did nice things and had great hearts to help people in the kingdom. However, she just could find nine girls who deserved the Cinderella shoes.

At that time, a rich, selfish and mean girl pretended to be a good, naïve and kind girl by doing community services and helping poor people around the country. She was the last person on the reward list that got the Cinderella shoes. No longer after getting the magical shoes, she got back to who she was. She treated people badly, disrespected to the elders, and also tried to kill her husband to get married with another rich man. A curse from the Cinderella shoes turned the bad girl to become an old, ugly and unlucky one. Nobody wanted to come close to the terrible woman; therefore, she was forever alone, and died in loneliness.

By: Thuy Tran