Ben Atwood (April 4, 2020 - April 6, 2057) was a renowned Scottish-born chemist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He is best known for inventing and perfecting love shots.

Early Life

Bed Atwood was born in the fairy pools of the Isle of Skye, in Scotland. The family home was a bungalow located in the city of Portree. He had one sister, Brandy Atwood who was five years younger. His parents were married for forty years, but filed for a divorce in 2050. This traumatizing life event and the need to protect his sibling from witnessing the conflict between his parents inspired him to invent love shots. His best friend Nina Petrova, originally just a neighbor had a serious effect that shifted  Atwood’s moral viewpoint toward his invention.

First Invention

As a child, Ben Atwood witnessed his once loving parents become hostile towards each other. His studies had a concentration in chemistry and Ben had a strong belief that the correct chemical compounds could alter an individual to match what another chemically admired. Ultimately creating a strong bond and attraction between the two.

From his early life Ben Atwood had a strong sense of true love based off of what he saw prior to the divorce and conflict between his parents. While attaining his degree, he and a group of highly skilled chemists studied components that would become those used in love shots.

Family Life

Ben Atwood married Nina Petrova in 2056. After discovering the affair between Nina and his own father, Ben decided inject her with a love shot. The marriage continued and they had two children.


Ben Atwood committed suicide after suffering from inner conflicts on April 6, 2057. Nina Petrova committed suicide. Ben Atwood, confused as to why his wife would leave him if she loved him followed in her steps.

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