The Best Cup of “Coffee”

As a college student you are faced with many decisions. You have to choose to either have a social life and good grades but no sleep, or good grades, enough sleep but no social life. That was until you had a large cup of a Spartan Mocha, with just a one cup of this a day you are given enough energy to get you through the day and the right amount focus you need for class. With one cup you will be able to finish any assignment, be the life of any party and still have enough energy for the next day with as little as three hours of sleep a night. The reasons for this miraculous cup of coffee is due to the hard work and special ingredients that were founded by a few San Jose State business students.

This isn’t your regular cup of coffee; a regular cup of coffee has 95 milligrams of caffeine. For some people that is enough caffeine to only hold them over for a few hours, then you either crash or end up back at Starbucks spending another five dollars for a cup of coffee. This cup of coffee only costs four dollars and has the ability to get you through any obstacle that many college students go through. The Spartan Mocha has a patent for their ingredients as well as a utility patent. The Spartan Mocha is the coffee that every student has dreamed of. This cup of coffee has 300 milligrams of caffeine; the caffeine is distributed in waves. The first wave hits you right away, and then 2 waves every two hours after that releasing 100 milligrams of caffeine each wave. The next ingredient that the Spartan Mocha has is Adderall. The Adderall last for two hours and is a perfect way to stay focused on homework or tests after a long day of classes. The following ingredient is cocaine; this is the drug that many college students use as a “party” drug. The cocaine effect is released when you get to a party type of atmosphere. The last ingredient inside a Spartan Mocha is protein, in each Spartan Mocha there is 50 grams of protein which is a popular ingredient for many athletes. This Spartan Mocha was based off the needs and wants from college students all across the globe.

Not only does the Spartan Mocha have all the positive effects college students look for, it also tastes amazing. The Spartan Mocha is filled with the highest quality coffee beans from Colombia. These Colombian coffee beans are extremely balanced with good body, brightness and flavor. The mocha for this cup of coffee is imported from Belgium one of the best places in the world for chocolate. The Spartan Mocha is the first drink to market that has these types of effects. This cup has been the best selling drink in 7-Elevens near college campuses all across the country.

Chris Kaul