Much like the underwater city of Atlantis, spanning from the coast of the Jordan River to the shores of the Dead Sea, beneath the red dirt of the Gaza strip, lies a castle of statures that no one has beheld before. It was built before the dawn of time, made of limestone and marble, by hands that no one had seen before. It’s walls are jagged on the outside, but smooth on the inside. When it was made, it towered over the earth and looked like it touched the sky. Despite it’s foreboding appearance, the inside was actually quite comfortable, with wooden furnishings and warm coverings on every seating space. The tables are strewn with glasses and cups from past meals, and there’s not a tabletop without a flower, somehow retaining their shape despite being dried up.

Though many have heard of the castle’s existence, none have actually seen it. Many dream of this place and tell others of what they’ve seen. Some claim to be experts on the castle, though somehow they don’t have much to say. The people of the Gaza strip have all heard rumors of it’s existence, but live their lives without putting much thought to it’s actual existence.

Actual Existence

One day, one of the Jordan River kids had read a book about digging a hole to chine. He rounded up some friends and convinced them to dig a hole in a part of the river that adults don’t venture in. They dug more than they imagined they could, hit rock and stopped digging for fear of getting in trouble. They were the only ones that have ever touched the surface of the Bicstein castle.