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Bigfoot commonly known as Sasquatch, is a genetically modified human experiment crossbred with the DNA of powerful Gorillas from South Africa. The new genetically modified human-gorilla have improved physical and mental capabilities. They have over 10 times the strength of the average human, able to raise several tons above their heads. In addition to their strength they have tough armor like skin that can resist penetration from bullets.  Although their behaviors and communication skills are still primitive, their ability to solve complex problems has improved exponentially. They are able to understand complex physic theories and are able to apply those theories in math to solve calculus problems.

Description Edit

Bigfoot are described as large, muscular, hairy, and roughly over 3 meters tall. Their thick brown hair encompasses almost every inch of the body from head to toe.  Every part of the body including the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and waist is proportionally larger when compared to the human species.

Behavior Edit

Bigfoot continue to use their hands and feet when they travel. By utilizing all four limbs to travel it provides more stability and balance. However they are capable of transitioning with ease from four to two legs when necessary. They will often use two legs when they need to run to increase their speed or when they need to jump. When standing fully erect it is very evident that Bigfoot are genetically modified from the human species.

Although the Bigfoot are incredibly stronger than humans and smarter than gorillas, they unfortunately have a short life span due to heart failure. Their large bodies and the large output of power results in putting heavy strain on their hearts.

Entry by Larry Tran

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