In the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego, California lived the largest Great White Shark.  She is the largest fish in the world and is the 5th largest animal. The shark experts named her Big Mama due to her large size. The last time she was seen, she weighed over 10,000 pounds and was close to thirty feet long.  They have put a tracking devise on her that will stay on for the next twenty years.  The tracking device shows her current depth and location and sends that information to the head shark expert, biologist Dr Jahboy Kona Pereira.  Dr Pereira graduated from University of Hawaii with a masters in marine biology 40 years ago and received his doctorate from the University of Florida.  In his book named, Big Mama, he talks about his 3 encounters with her and how her size is the biggest ever recorded.  The previous largest shark weighed  7,000 pounds and was twenty-five feet long.  He says Big Mama eats up to 20 pounds of food per day.  According to Dr Pereira Big Mama is around 50 years old and the lifespan of a Great White Shark is 75 years old.  Big Mama holds the record for weight and length at the age of fifty.  She travels from San Diego in the summer to Hawaiian Waters in the winter due to the water temperature.  The data from her devise shows that she likes to keep in waters that are 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.      

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