Bigfoot is a mythical creature rumored to be found roaming parts of North America. Stories have been told that the creature inhabits forests specifically in the Pacific Northweset. The creature is described by most as large, hairy, bipedal hominid. Many have also, referenced Bigfoot as Sasquatch. The term Sasquatch comes from the word sasq'ets from the Halkomelem language. Edit



Big Foot

Through many reports Bigfoot has been told to have ape-like characteristics. Estimates have put the creature at over 6 feet tall and over 500 pounds. Testimonies have portrayed Bigfoot to have large amounts of hair covering body. Hair color said to be black, brown, grey, and reddish. Common reports have also stated that Bigfoot has a strong and distasteful smell. Bigfoot explorers say footprints are much longer and wider than those of humans. In regards to the footprints declarations have been made that claw like markings in the footprints exist, similar to those of a bear. 


Video claims have led to Bigfoot being attributed a large variety of behaviors. Scientist of described Bigfoot to have habits of, rock throwing, wood banging, stone piles, yelling, screaming, and gibberish. North America Bigfoot Search team members specify that Bigfoot has the ability to swim, jump down cliffs, and climb trees. Warnings are set forth to all to use extreme caution when in the wild. 

Tarang Patel