Evidence for the existence of a large man like creature living in isolation has been documented.  Commonly referred to as Bigfoot, the creature has also been named Sasquatch, Mountain Devil and Yeti.  Bigfoot is described as a very tall, hairy creature weighing 600 to 900 pounds and standing from seven to nine feet tall. 

      The first documented sighting dates back to 1954.  Some experts proclaim as many as 4000-6000 Bigfoot roam the forests of North American although proof of sightings exist from all over the planet.  The National Bigfoot Sightings Database currently contains 1392 reports of Bigfoot existence in the United States.

     A recent DNA study was conducted by the Sasquatch Genome Project concluding this study supports the existence of Bigfoot in North America and this species is a human relative that arose 13,000 years ago.   Additionally, a lock of hair collected from the location of a recent sighting is currently being tested to support DNA proof.

Susan Andrews

Comm 100W