There have been reportedly numerous sightings that an ape like human creature has been spotted around the San Jose State University campus at all times of the night. This creature which many students are already calling it “bigfoot” has been reportedly been terrorizing students late at night who have been returning to their dorm rooms after nights of partying. San Jose State is right next to the local zoo but many don’t believe this is an ape that has escaped, largely due to the fact of its tall stature and human like walk and its ability to run upward while chasing students.


Some of the students that have seen this creature are already saying that is has this simian like look to it, and also described it to be large, and hairy. Some students have also even gone to the extent that it has this human like stance and tall stature of a human but also has the body of huge like ape.


This isn’t the first time that there have been reported sightings of bigfoot within the Silicon Valley. It is known that it made its way over here fifteen years ago to escape the forest like setting and come closer to warmer weather. The past fifteen years, locals have stated seeing bigfoot along the highways only catching a glimpse of him but never seeing anything more.


On September of 2010 within the first months of school starting back up at San Jose State University, when it was hottest due to it being the end of summer Alexa James, a journalism student was walking back to her dorm with food around midnight and noticed this ape like human creature waiting around a tree and once it noticed that she had noticed it started to charge her but luckily she was right at her dorm room and was able to get inside safely. Luckily that’s been the only close encounter somebody has had with “bigfoot” so far.

Matthew Garibay

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