Bill Straw is the first and only white man who volunteered to be a black slave during the early 1860's. Bill Straw was born on July 18, 1831 in Richmond, Virginia and died at the age of 58 with his new slave name Hugh White. Born to mother Helga Straw and father John Straw, Bill Straw had 6 other siblings, three older brothers, a younger brother, and 2 younger sisters; though his family's whereabouts are unknown aside the death of Helga Straw. Known as being the first and only Caucasian man to volunteer as an African slave, people thought he was the most moronic human being in the world to date. 

Straw knew and preferred the conditions of the typical black slave. He new that becoming a slave and living under the same conditions that black slaves were forced to endure meant that Straw would have a better life expectancy seeing that the slaves he saw were eating well and were given a bed with a well built roof over their heads.  

During the late 1850s, when Black slavery was popularized, Straw lived as a free white farmer struggling to make it day by day. One day, as Straw was tilling the small plot of land that he had to his name, he noticed a black slave feasting on a plate of bread, collard greens, and a few pieces of pork. Struck with jealousy desperation, Bill Straw went on a journey to find a couple of well-of white folk who would take him in as a "Black" slave.