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Billy SanJoe was born January 12, 1980 in Oxford, Tennessee. He was born the son of Altmary SanJoe and Breestin SanJoe. At the age of 5, Billy had written a picture book called When the rainbow lands, composed of ten pages. When Billy reached high school he had written five publications for the local newspaper, Vertigo, as well as a success magazine called Didiyachi, a Punjabi publication. SanJoe then took his talents to Los Angeles as he received a full scholarship into the Journalism program at University of California, Los Angeles. In college, he was known to wear zebra print and furs. Eventually, a fashion designer named Marcuz Luraent caught a hold of SanJoe’s collection and started distribution of the fashion. As his studies of journalism had proceeded; he also made plenty of films where he had narrated. By his senior year of college, Billy had traveled to France, Japan, Canada, and Australia filming and networking. It wasn’t until after college in 2002 when he had become well known in his career with the help of Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian and Billy had met through a Los Vegas Fashion Show event in 2001 where Marcuz Luraent had showcased furs and prints inspired by Billy SanJoe. Billy SanJoe and Kim Kardashian had a very close relationship as she managed his filming career. In 2003, Kim Kardashian gave Billy SanJoe the opportunity of filming her pornography with music artist, Ray J. Since the release in 2003, Billy SanJoe became recognized for his talents and continued his successes in filming.

Ke-Alani Sarmiento