Binky, an alien, was born on January 21st, 1801 and he is originally from planet Taflet. His mother, Rosin, works as a teacher at Taffie Middle School and his father, Danel, works as a real estate agent. In addition, he has an older brother Leol (23) and a younger sister Sosol (14). Binky currently attends Taffie High for his senior year and he is highly admired by many of his teachers and peers. He has an endless amount of passion for playing the drums. He has participated in talent shows and brought home two first place ribbons from those events back to back. He is hoping to further his career at Taff Observatory of Music with the hope and dreams of playing at other planets. On planet Taflet, they have made huge advancements on technology and transportation for their kind to go anywhere in the universe. During spring break, Binky and his best friends, Zoff and Obbe, decided to visit Earth for the very first time as a wild adventure before starting their next chapter in life. They landed in Nevada, in hopes of not being seen by any human beings, so they can experience a day in Vegas. As they continue to explore the state of Nevada, Binky becomes fascinated by the different sites and he began to fall behind from his friends. Suddenly, a bag gets thrown over his head and he is transferred to a secluded location called Area 15. In this case, the government has captured Binky and held him captive for further observation and experimentation. Meanwhile, Binky is plotting his escape to reunite with his family and friends.