A revolutionary breakthrough has recently been discovered by Dr. Peter M. Friedman through his extensive research on the bionicly infused skeletal system—a project Friedman has named “Bionisis.”  After countless trials and testing on willing subjects, Dr. Friedman successfully reconstructed a fully functioning human skeletal system by replacing all bone marrow with a complete titanium frame.  Under testing the titanium frame under rigorous physical testing, Dr Friedman concluded that the titanium structure can endure three times the stress as the normal human skeletal system.  The all titanium frame has responded well with the natural body’s muscular system and the internal organs, (however Dr. Friedman has announced desire to pursue a full functioning artificial human body) and Bionisis has shown no signs of rejection by the natural human body.

  The maintenance required with bionisis is much less significant than the normal skeletal structure because it doesn’t involve the amount of reconstructive surgical procedure.  The time frame for repairs on a broken titanium bone is instantaneous as opposed to the several months involved in the healing and repairing of broken bones.  According to Dr. Friedman’s book, Bionic Body: Underneath the Skin, people who have made the transformation to Bionisis will be, “limitless with physical activity until death” (Friedman, 2011). 

Dr. Friedman’s work of Bionisis has inspired him to extend his research—with the help of Dr. Alexi Markov—to the production of synthetic organs in an attempt to extend human lifespan another 60 years.  As a result of a complete bionic skeletal system the oldest living human survived to be 129 years old; and with Dr. Friedman’s work in synthetic reproduction he hopes to increase the average human lifespan to 185 years old.

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