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Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t remember anything? Well that’s when you reach for a bottle of BlackOn! This is an ingenious pill that allows you to remember anything and everything that has happened to you if your memory was somehow altered. Rememory Inc. has been working diligently for the past ten years to perfect this type of pharmaceuticals. Inventors Dr. Roorda, Dr. Muhn, Dr. Murillo, Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Lester, and Dr. Martinez wanted to create a pill that would allow people to remember things they couldn’t.   



All the doctors assigned to this drug are highly qualified in many different ways. Dr. Schmidt, who is the head of the team in charge of creating the pill, has multiple doctorates in pharmacology and research methods and created a mixing method, which is pertinent in the success of BlackOn. This was procedure was put to use by Dr. Roorda who was the lead experimenter on this project. She has been on many research teams and helped with creating many popular OTC drugs. All six doctors were key in creating such a successful drug as BlackOn. Their collaboration of inventiveness and high education, had lead to the creation of this drug, which has an impeccably successful record, and as of the present, has had no reasons for any recalls of any type.  

Drug Information:Edit

        Rememory Inc. has been developing BlackOn for the past five years and recorded a 99.9% success rate during human trials. The FDA has decided to give their support for this amazing new drug. Another great thing about BlackOn is the price. Rememory Inc. made sure that they factored in the demographic for this drug and decided it was a high priority to collaborate with all popular health insurances to guarantee that BlackOn be completely covered by health insurance plans.

       Again, BlackOn’s intended use is to provide a way to remember things that you forget. It should be taken with caution and for its intended purposes only. Misuse of BlackOn can lead to many undesired consequences. With this in mind, there are a few minor side effects which include: regret, dealing with the consequences of your actions, illegitimate children, irrational fear of parties, and in rare cases, oozing tongue. Active and inactive ingredients include: Acetaminophen, Amphetamine, Aspartame, Butylated hydroxyanisole, Copovidone, Ethycellulose, hypromelloses. 

Kayley Schmidt